The English Language

June 2, 2009

I thought that it was a fairly hilarious video. I use to always watch Mr. Bean when I was young, and wasn’t he in this movie? I forgot.

Rowan Atkinson’s skit was skit was based on sexual jokes I guess. People wouldn’t laugh if they didn’t understand what he was talking about, so this skit really showed the people’s true colors? Rowan has the British accent that made me laugh, because instead of pronouncing “clitoris” he says “clitORiss” haha…WHEH AR YU CliTOrIss?” or “VOlvah” or “HERHPEES~” that’s what made me laugh! and of course the combining names…such as, rigid fist up bottom, OUT!

I think that this explains how many innapportiate words are in this world, that people can use to make people laugh because they aren’t used as much as the regular words.

I was really surprised to see him speak, because he rarely speaks in his show, Mr. Bean. Even if he spoke, he sounded really weird. But I do remember watching a movie of him being an agent, and he spoke. but that was when I was really young so I forgot. I would like to find that movie and watch it again. I wonder if he had taken classes on how to be funny or is it really made up by himself. I also wonder if he play on-line games and watch anime like Gundam, Naruto, or Bleach. Cause he looks like somebody that watches that kind of stuff every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond, and every millisecond of a millisecond.

Steven Wu


Outside Blog#4 – Art Of Mind Scholarship Art Piece Description

June 2, 2009

This was a little description of an art piece that I submitted to for a $500 scholorarship. I used wordpress to type it up becuase I wanted to see if I was able to meet the requirement of 250 words in the description.  Since it was already typed up here, I decided to use this as an outside blog and post it! Enjoy!

Steven Wu – 10th Grade – Phillip and Sala Burton High School

This art piece that I submitted is related to health because it explains the importance about a person’s body, and it shows the things that a person can do to cause problems to their body. I drew a picture of the heart to represent a human’s body because it is one of the most important organs in the body. One of the main things that a human can do to put their body in danger is violence. Violence can affect the body in many different ways. There is physical violence such as, punching, slapping or kicking. There is also mental violence such as, putting someone down, and ways that can hurt someone’s feelings and that can bring someone to depression. Other than violence, there are also ways that the person itself is doing to hurt their own body, such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Smoking can cause many diseases like lung cancer which can cause abnormality to the body. Drinking alcohol can damage the liver very bad. The liver actually helps the human body to clear out wastes from what people drink. But for the people that drink alcohol, they are hurting what is on their side helping them. This is exactly the reason I created the quote, “Why hurt it? When it is on your side…helpin’ you!” People are basically damaging their own body when do these kinds of things. The full purpose about this art piece is to give people in the world a heads up of what they are doing to themselves. They might not know that they are hurting an ally, an ally that everybody needs to survive.

P6010074      …here is the art piece that I drew!


Outside Blog#3 – Weekend of 5.23 – 5.25

May 29, 2009

This weekend was nothing but doing project, project and project. Even though working on these projects were fun, because they were group projects! But yeah…even though that they were fun, it was also very tiring.

I wanted to try this so yeah…

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So that was my weekend and…heres me finishing up this blog after a week.


Outside Blog#2 – May.15.2009

May 20, 2009

Tomorrow is probably going to be one of my most memorable days I might ever have.


Tomorrow I’m going to start off my day with lovely chinese school in the morning…9-12pm

…then Im going to have an hour break probably..get some lunch and hang with some people for awhile.

…then I’m going to head to the California Academy of Sciences for my job interview at 2pm..the interview should end at around 5:15 IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE..favorite part of the day?

…then after my interview I have to rush home and change for my cousin’s wedding dinner!! Can you believe that?!?!?! I can’t wait…and… I feel so proud for my cousin! She’s getting married! 

so yeah….that’s my schedule tomorrow! Also for some reason, I can’t wait to go to chinese school tomorrow too!


….continued at the 19th…

I’m currently at the school library right now, and now I’m going to talk about last Saturday!

wow last Saturday was crazy! and the weather is was hot…I remember I didn’t eat lunch til like 5 that day cause my schedule was so tight..but the wedding dinner was awesome. It’s like adding  a lot more family members into my family..which is cool. I didn’t really get enough food that because I was too busy watching. Didn’t even get a chance to eat cake, which really got me angry…the waiter only would offer but not leave some on the table. One of the coolest things that night was that I got to talk to my cousin more, I usually don’t see him, but I got to chat with him Saturday.

Might continue this later, but publishing it for now.


Blues eyes/Brown Eyes

May 15, 2009

That was an awesome part 1.

I thought that Jane Elliot’s experiment is wonderful when it comes to trying to tell young third grade students not be racist towards other races. Many students in the classroom already had a knowledge of  thinking black people is the bad people. I see how Jane Elliot’s experiment can bring the feeling of how black people feel when they are being judged by their skin color. Of course there was some negatives about this experiment, such as making students go through violence and feelings being hurt. But without going through pain, I’m sure these young students wouldn’t remember the lesson well.

This video shows that, if people in this world that have advantages, they would use and abuse those advantages. Most likely those people wouldn’t change their way of thinking that easily.

The drawbacks in this experiment were, as mentioned before, students got into fights, got made fun of and gone through discrimination themselves. But I thought that this really helped them, because I think the best lessons come from live experiences so people would remember that there was such lesson in their life-time.

Seeing the people 14 years later, we can see that they’ve changed their way of thinking. And it’s nice watching a video of themselves again because they can see how they acted before at such young age. I believe that they look at the world a whole different way, and they wouldn’t discriminate.

YAY GOOD FOR THEM! …and now…I have 250 words! haha…

Steven Wu


Outside Blog #1 May.13.2009

May 14, 2009

I haven’t written a blog in ages…therefore I didn’t really get a good grade last grading period.

Yesterday, was the one year anniversary of the China Earthquake. I personally thought that this “year” went by really fast. But I was thinking that…how did this year feel like for the victims of the earthquake? Probably a very painful period of time.

About 2 days ago, I heard from my friend, Raymond Gee, that if you join the Prom Committee Club you get to help prepare prom and can go for free this year. So I was like…”COOL, I wanna go!” Personally I want to go experience how it’s like at Prom and want to get ready for my own. I’m already tired from all the borrowing and shopping because we have to go in a formal dress code. I guess this is the hardest part of Prom. Is to pick your outfit out. It gets hard for me because I have no money! and is borrowing things from like 3 different people. BUT…I think it should be fun during the dance. I will probably post another blog after, and share my experiences.

Other than that, I have more good news. About 2 weeks ago, I had an job interview at the California Academy Of Sciences as a tour guide. They gave me call 2 days ago and told me that I passed the 1st round interviews and invites me to the 2nd round which is this Saturday, and I’m just….EXCITED. I have great confidence of getting in right now. If I make it, this will be he very first job of my life. If possible I will post another blog about the interview after!

This is it for now.

Steven Wu


Project Implicit

April 24, 2009

Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for African American compared to European American.

This was my result!

  1. I felt that this test was a tricky test that sort of trying to force your bias issue out. But not really though…because of its speed it’s kind of like a reflex game. Cause of that…it makes it not that accurate.
  2. I was surprised about my results, because i was sort of expecting a different result. I was expecting a different result because i thought this game would be like…purposely trying to focus on one race and make u feel bad after taking it.
  3. I felt that my results weren’t that accurate, because this test was sort of like a reflex game..im sure if i can get use to it..or take it a few more times i would probably do better.
  4. No, this test didn’t change any of my point of views, because i didn’t really have any racial point of views
  5. Nah…..same answer as above but with beliefs and values.
  6. Yes, i am interested into taking other tests similiar to this one.

See dee phun~